Social Buzz 7.03.15: Re-colored rivalries

It’s July, football season still seems like a long ways off, and we’re all bored. This probably explains why some guy had time to destroy everything you hold dear about your beloved college football team.

The Twitter machine has been abuzz today about the work done by eharvey328 on Imgur. Some call it blasphemy, I call it brilliance. Here is a sampling, with my guess as to how an Ole Miss fan would react (might wanna cover your kids’ eyes). Read more

Daily Lead 7.03.15: Fill up the cart

Thomas Wells | Buy at Jay Isby, 9, knew exactly what he wanted during Thursday's shopping spree.

Thomas Wells | Buy at
Jay Isby, 9, knew exactly what he wanted during Thursday’s shopping spree.

With the holiday weekend upon us, let’s lead with a feel-good story about a cool thing happening to some good kids.

Academy Sports + Outdoors is opening in Tupelo, and it’s the company’s 200th store. The Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi brought 30 kids over there yesterday to ostensibly help workers get ready for today’s opening, but they also got a big surprise: $200 gift cards for each of them.

And young Jay Isby will win your heart with his line explaining why he wanted some work boots. That kid’s going places.

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Daily Lead 7.02.15: Go, America



It’s almost time to break out the jingoistic catchphrases, what with the Fourth of July happening Saturday. Hey, a fun drinking game that will surely kill you: Take a shot every time someone says ‘Merica or #Merica on social media.

But seriously, this country is great, and there is much money to be made off our patriotism. Many of you will buy fireworks, and we’ve got some safety tips that I’m sure a few of you will completely ignore, and the local hospitals thank you in advance for your business.

We also have a list of July 4th activities you should check out. Me, I’ll be staying home watching “Dexter” and getting annoyed by neighbors illegally shooting off fireworks. ‘Merica. *drink*

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Daily Lead 7.01.15: Dont txt n drive

texting-and-driving-funny-memeHey, you, with the phone. Put it down, watch the road. Starting today, it is illegal to text while driving in Mississippi. You can’t even do it when you’re sitting at a red light, so that’ll be one habit I’ll have to try and break.

I have gotten better at not texting while my car is moving. I used to be bad about it, sending texts or tweets while hurtling down Highway 45 to or from Starkville. I once had a texting conversation for nearly my whole drive from Tuscaloosa to Tupelo late at night, much of it on the two-lane portion of Highway 82. Probably not smart.

A few other laws take effect today, so give ’em a read and get caught up. More headlines after the jump. Read more

Daily Lead 6.30.15: A license to wed

Lauren Wood | Buy at Gettin' hitched? Don't forget the pre-nup.

Lauren Wood | Buy at
Al Bundy says, “Don’t do it!”

While the gay marriage question is as settled as some would like it to be, Mississippi did begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples on Monday, including in Lee County.

Given that the ruling came from the highest court in the land, there’s little doubt as to its staying power in Mississippi and every other state. As Will Knight of Tupelo HRC noted, “…any holdups seem to be more on the technical side instead of questioning the decision.”

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Daily Lead 6.29.15: Let’s talk football

Everyone's running to pick up a Journal for our football coverage. Don't be left out. (AP)

Everyone’s running to pick up a Journal for our football coverage. Don’t be left out. (AP)


It’s the dead of summer, so naturally we’ve got to come up with some copy to fill space, and it might as well be about football. All week in the Journal we’ll be taking a look across the football landscape, from high schools to the pros, and we got it started yesterday with 5 Things to Know about the SEC.

Today, we broke down the NFL. Coming up later this week: Mississippi State on Tuesday, Ole Miss on Wednesday, community colleges on Thursday, high schools on Friday, national colleges on Saturday.

Use the hashtag #DJfootball week to let us know what you think, because hashtags are fun.

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