Capitol View: Bills await Bryant’s signature

Gov. Phil Bryant has several bills awaiting his signature this week, and Bobby Harrison takes a look at some of the key legislation on his desk. Also this week, Bobby examines the decrease in business tax collections, along with continued fallout from the passage of the controversial religious objection bill. Watch the webcast replay at, or listen below.

Capitol View: Recapping the 2016 Legislative session

The 2016 Legislative session drew to a close last week, and Bobby Harrison provides a recap of what transpired at the Capitol the past few months. He’ll look at tax cuts, the effect of the GOP having a supermajority, and the most impactful legislation – and legislator – from this session. You can watch the webcast replay at, or listen below.

Social Buzz 04.20.16: Tubman goes on the 20

Big news today on the currency front, as it was announced Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on our $20 bill. Tubman, of course, was a slave and later abolitionist who helped rescue others from slavery. Jackson was the United States’ seventh president – and a slave owner.

Jackson will remain on the $20 in some fashion. But this is a historically and symbolically significant move by Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. And what’s really great about this is it helps us know if any of our friends or family members are racist (like @chief_keef_jon). It’s caused plenty of buzz on Twitter, of course, so let’s look at some reactions. Read more

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