Daily Lead 9.12.14: Hide ya underage daughters

R. Kelly is coming to Tupelo in October, and it’ll be interesting to see how many people – particularly females, and particularly females with daughters – show up to watch a sexual predator sing songs laced with misogynous lyrics.

Just good, clean fun, right? (BTW, the head shot accompanying our story? From R. Kelly’s 2008 child pornography trial. His high-priced attorneys did their job well, though.) Read more

Daily Lead 9.09.14: Many words on Jack Cristil

Photo courtesy MSU

Photo courtesy MSU

It’s hard to write too much about Jack Cristil, but we tried our hardest today.

We had some remembrances and reflections from those who worked with him; I wrote a column about the man; and our editorial praised his professionalism.

We’ll have even more about Cristil in the coming days. Rick Cleveland, who knows everything about Mississippi sports ever, will have a column Wednesday. Richard Cross and Matt Wyatt of Head to Head will write about him in their Back to Back feature in the Journal on Thursday. And we’ll also have coverage of Cristil’s funeral, which is Wednesday, and the public memorial being held on the MSU campus Thursday.

If anyone deserves this sort of send-off, it’s Jack Cristil. Read more

Daily Lead 9.08.14: Jack Cristil signs off

There’s much that could be written about Jack Cristil, the legendary Mississippi State sportcaster who died Sunday at 88 years old. I did my best with today’s story, just one of many stories written and to be written about the man.

Mr. Jack, as many folks called him, did things his way from Day 1. He had a distinct voice, a distinct style of calling games, and he kept on smoking those cigarettes for decades. He was dedicated to his family, to his job, to MSU, and to his religion.

Rest in peace, good sir. Read more

Police Reports 9.05.14: Who was that masked cameraman?

The thing about police reports is you rarely have the full context of the reported situation. For example, today’s batch includes a guy in a ski mask stopping to take a photo of someone’s license plate, and then driving off. That’s all he did.

I’m sure there was a good reason in that ski-masked person’s mind for doing that. But we’ll never know what it was. Perhaps this person took the photo so that he could remember what a license plate looked like, since his own vehicle lacked one.

Let’s get on with the rest of the reports on this Friday. My comments can be seen in italics below some reports. Read more

Daily Lead 9.05.14: Whoa, political civility?

What sort of politics is this where candidates speak fondly of each other and dwell on their long friendship and agree that the other will have their constituents’ best interests at heart? Well, that’s the dynamic in the Ward 3 special election, which will see a Sept. 18 runoff between chums Travis Beard and James Hull.

We did a live video interview of the two men, and you can watch the replay at the above link. I suggest politicians at the state and national levels watch and take notes. Read more

Police Reports 9.04.14: Hey, cut the landlords some slack

Landlords can get a bad rap sometimes, but there’s no need to start yelling at them and making threats against their girlfriend. I’m sure you paid your rent last month and the landlord is just trying to jerk you around and you’re completely innocent in all this, but let’s all stay calm.

Beyond arguments and threats, we have some actual physical violence in today’s batch, involving fists, a vase, and a rock. My comments can be seen in italics below some reports. Read more

Daily Lead 9.04.14: Tick tock, Mr. McDaniel

Where you at, Chris McDaniel? Capitol reporters have sat around twiddlin’ their thumbs the last two days waiting on an announcement from the tea party candidate about whether he will continue with his election challenge or (finally) give it up.

Maybe we’ll hear something today. Maybe not. Who knows? I’m losing interest (not that I was much interested to begin with). Read more

Police Reports 9.03.14: Careful with them BB guns

There’s a report in today’s batch about someone’s truck window being shot by a BB gun, which reminded me of a regrettable moment from my childhood.

I was probably 13 or 14, and my friend Nathan had a brilliant idea. We had our BB guns and needed something to shoot, so we trekked a short distance through the woods in our neighborhood in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, until we came to what constituted a “main road” in that area. We sat hidden by the underbrush, taking shots at passing cars. Read more

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