Daily Lead 7.30.15: Stumping season in high gear

The Neshoba County Fair is in full swing down there in Philadelphia, with folks hanging out in their cabins, eating good food, and tolerating political speeches. OK, maybe they actually enjoy those speeches, but to each his own.

We’ve got blanket coverage from down there, along with our regularly scheduled election coverage leading up to Tuesday’s primaries.

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Daily Lead 7.24.15: Evil strikes again

Evil is everywhere, man.

It turned up in Lafayette, Louisiana, last night, when a gunman killed two people and then himself inside a movie theater. Several more were wounded. And it happened on the same day James Holmes was sentenced to death for killing 12 in a Colorado theater three years ago.

Stories like this depress the hell out of me, but I always try and look for humor where there seems to be done. And I must say, there was one passage in the above-linked story that stuck out like a sore thumb. It was the description of the movie people were watching when the man started shooting – “Trainwreck.”

It stars Amy Schumer, who sent a message of condolence to those affected by the tragedy. Following that quote, the story notes that “Trainwreck” is about “a magazine writer who decides to live a life of promiscuity after her father convinces her that monogamy isn’t realistic, but in spite of her best efforts, finds herself falling in love with one of her interview subjects.”

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Police Reports 7.22.15: Tatted-up criminal will haunt your dreams, sorry

People are stealing meat again, and it’s hard to blame them, especially when the meat is of the bacon family. People are also loaning out cars again, and that never seems to end well.

People are also still getting tattoos in odd places, but I must say that I believe today’s tatted-up criminal wears his art well, and I hope my saying that means he won’t come hurt me if he reads this blog. Please, don’t hurt me, sir. I have kids. Read more

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