Daily Lead 10.16.14: SI covers capturing Mississippi history

The magazine industry, like the newspaper industry, has seen much better days. But every now and then we’re reminded that both mediums can still capture and enrapture a large audience.

We’ve seen that locally with the past two editions of Sports Illustrated. Last week’s issue feature Mississippi State and Ole Miss on its cover, and this week’s issue features the No. 1-ranked Bulldogs. And those magazines have been flying off the shelves. Read more

Daily Lead 10.14.14: Amory ponders alcohol

Don Draper says, "You mean to tell me some towns are still dry?"

Don Draper says, “You mean to tell me some towns are still dry?”

Elections are important, the script says here, so you should go out there and exercise your Constitutional right and cast your single vote so your tiny voice can be heard. That is, if you live in Amory or Corinth.

The folks in Amory are going to decide whether to join the 21st century, being the latest Northeast Mississippi community to vote on alcohol sales. Those opposing alcohol will be the same folks wondering why Amory has become a ghost town in a few years (kinda is already).

In Corinth, voters will choose a new police chief and an at-large alderman. The guys running for police chief are named Dance and Gooch, so you can’t go wrong with either one there. Read more

Police Reports 10.09.14: Yeah, I need some copper wire and a marshmallow

Got people just stealing random tools and wire and whatnot, which I guess means they need to build something, and who are we to judge one’s desire to work hard and create something? The laws of man are oppressive, and they never helped anyone build a split rail fence.

Today’s batch of reports – all from the county – remind me of this stupid (but to me still hilarious) joke some friends and I had in college. I will give you some samplings. And if you don’t get it, consider yourself fortunate. Our repartees would go something like this.

Read more

Daily Lead 10.09.14: MSU fans see no need to ‘out-do’ Ole Miss

Adam Robison | Buy at photos.djournal.com MSU fans turned out in big numbers with their signs for last week's "SEC Nation" broadcast in the Junction.

Adam Robison | Buy at photos.djournal.com
MSU fans turned out in big numbers with their signs for last week’s “SEC Nation” broadcast in the Junction.

Ole Miss and Mississippi State will find any reason to be competitive and employ some one-upmanship, and you’d think “College GameDay” would be no exception. ESPN’s Saturday morning college football pregame show visited Oxford last week for the first time ever, and now it’s making its first trip to Starkville this weekend.

So, a natural question is this: Will MSU fans hope to “out-do” Ole Miss fans when it comes to creating atmosphere come 8 a.m. Saturday, when “GameDay” goes on the air? The resounding answer I’ve seen and heard is an emphatic “no.” Read more

Daily Lead 10.07.14: Flight plans

I really can’t imagine why you’d want to go to the trouble of flying to Memphis, which I guess saves you a little time, but then you have to deal with an airport and whatnot. And it’s not like Tupelo to Memphis is a terrible drive, or especially long.

But, Memphis is one of the destinations SeaPort Airlines will begin servicing in a few weeks, along with Nashville. Anyone know the over/under on how long SeaPort stays in Tupelo? I’ll got with 2.5 years. Read more

Daily Lead 10.06.14: Happy Bulldogs, happy Rebels

Katy Perry was excited about "College GameDay" being in Oxford. Who will be the guest picker in Starkville? (ESPN Images)

Katy Perry was excited about “College GameDay” being in Oxford. Who will be the guest picker in Starkville? (ESPN Images)

Hello there, friends, neighbors and miscreants. Did anything significant happen over the weekend? I heard something about a football game or two.

Yeah, so how many of y’all are actually able to focus on work today? I’d say it’s rare to see a day where Ole Miss and MSU fans walk into the break room with equally big smiles, but that’s what happens when your team knocks off a top-10 foe and vaults to No. 3 in the country.

The Magnolia madness continues this week, as ESPN’s “College GameDay” show, which was in Oxford on Saturday, will be in Starkville this coming weekend. It’s really hard to wrap the right words around the significance of what the Rebels and Bulldogs are doing, but it sure is fun to watch. Read more

‘College GameDay’ in the Grove: Visual evidence

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Worked til 4 a.m., then got ready and drove to Oxford to take in the craziness of the Grove and “College GameDay.” As you can see, I took some photos.

I split town before Katy Perry and her corn dogs showed up, but I was there long enough to get a very good feel for the atmosphere, which was charged. And that was before the show even began. Once 8 a.m. rolled around, the fans were unstoppable. Cool scene. Read more

‘College GameDay’: An inside look

Adam Robison | Buy at photos.djournal.com ESPN "College GameDay" host Chris Fowler speaks with local reporters Friday.

Adam Robison | Buy at photos.djournal.com
ESPN “College GameDay” host Chris Fowler speaks with local reporters Friday.

As you likely know, “GameDay” is making its first trip to Ole Miss and will broadcast live from the Grove from 8-11 a.m. Saturday, and I got an inside look at some of what goes into making the show happen.

The No. 11 Rebels host No. 3 Alabama at 2:30 p.m. on CBS. “GameDay” has tried to get to Oxford before, but the circumstances never worked out, usually due to Ole Miss losing a key game.

But now the Rebs are 4-0 and highly ranked, playing the SEC’s most prestigious program. That’ll be just one of the topics tackled during “College GameDay.” There will also be features – on Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott and Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah, for example – and hot topics to be discussed. Read more

Daily Lead 10.02.14: Stay home, avoid the rush

Let Verne Lundquist be your soundtrack Saturday.

Let Verne Lundquist be your soundtrack Saturday.

If you’re smart, you won’t venture out Saturday to Oxford or Starkville. Because it’s going to be insane. You could do like this one guy I heard about, who sold his six Ole Miss club suite tickets to an Alabama fan for $2,500 – each. I’d take $15,000 to sit at home and watch as Uncle Verne calls the action.

But if you are going to either the Ole Miss or Mississippi State game, then be sure you read our story about game-day logistics. Traffic flow changes will be made, so maybe take a sedative before you leave to lessen the chances of road rage. And stay off the message boards, because those will only feed your suppressed anger.

By the way, I’m one of the fools choosing to head to Oxford on Saturday, but I’ll be there very early to cover the “College GameDay” show and then be back in my recliner in time for kickoff. So I’m not completely stupid. Just mostly stupid. Read more

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