Daily Lead 9.02.14: Politics and soccer



I’m gonna feel like a soccer ref tonight.

I’ll be holding these two cards: one yellow, one red (well, pink, actually; closest we could get). What I’ll be doing is timekeeping during the Ward 3 forum that the Journal is hosting tonight at Lawndale Presbyterian Church. All seven candidates for the vacant Tupelo City Council seat will get to say their piece, and if you can’t make it there to watch in person, we’ll be streaming it live at DJournal.com.

As I said, I’ll have those cards to let the candidates know when to wrap things up. And if they go over too long, I’ll use a stun gun. Read more

Police Reports 8.29.14: Yeah, I need an 800-pound winch and a hay spear

PEOPLE ARE STEALING BAD BEER AGAIN. Seriously, if you’re gonna swipe some brewskis, at least make it the good stuff. King Cobra? What the heck is that?

In addition to that little nugget, today’s police reports include a dispute over a handicap parking spot, a stray horse, a stalker, and has anyone seen a stolen hay spear? OK, here we go. My comments in italics beneath some of the reports, for your amusement. Read more

Daily Lead 8.25.14: Welcome back, Barretos

I hate to be ugly, but Janet Barreto didn’t miss any meals while she was on the lam, did she? Like a friend said this morning, you’d think with all the running she’d been doing the past five years…

Well, now it’s all prison food for her and her hubby, Ramon Barreto. They arrived in Union County yesterday after being caught in Oregon on Aug. 12, and they face 25 state and federal charges related to their (alleged) abuse and neglect of children who were living with them. Justice is sweet, more so when it’s been delayed. Read more

Daily Lead 8.20.14: Old cameras, bad roads, and ‘oncology infusion’

Lauren is so meta. (Photo by Brad Locke)

Lauren is so meta. (Photo by Brad Locke)

Hey there, good people. Have you learned anything new today? I have.

I’ve learned you can make an iPhone photo look 50 years old by shooting it through one of them ancient box cameras. Staff photographer Lauren Wood, pictured at left, was having way too much fun with the antique camera business reporter Dennis Seid brought in today. She even took a selfie with it.

Yeah, we’re easily amused. OK, let’s move on to the news of the day from today’s Journal and DJournal.com. Read more

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