Daily Lead 7.22.14: Tuesday gets no love (or hate)

Spaghetti TuesdayIt’s Tuesday, the least talked about and least respected day of the week. Seriously, it gets no love. Monday gets all the hate, Wednesday has a cool nickname (“Hump Day”), Thursday gets people excited because the weekend is nigh, and then you have Friday (quittin’ time!), Saturday (to the lake!), and of course Sunday, that bittersweet day where you get to relax knowing that Monday looms nearby sporting an evil grin.

But Tuesday? Meh, it’s just there as filler, I guess – neither good nor bad. But I see it as the epoxy that holds the rest of the week together.

These are the sort of thoughts I have, and they have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this blog entry, except that I’m going to review the top stories from today’s – Tuesday’s – Daily Journal. Let us do that, as we ponder how often I forget what day of the week it is because I’m getting old. Read more

Daily Lead 7.21.14: Politics as usual

Hello there. I hope all of you had an excellent weekend. How was mine? Thanks for asking.

Took my three youngest kids to their first big league game and watched the Cardinals beat the Dodgers on Saturday. We were in the nosebleed section, but we were also in the shade. Felt kinda weird watching a game from the stands; been a while since I’ve done that.

OK, moving on. This is where we review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal and take a look back at the weekend. Plus we’ll have the photo of the week. Let’s do all that as we ponder how disappointing Yasiel Puig was during pregame batting practice on Saturday. Read more

Police Reports 7.17.14: Keep your birth certificate in a safe

Man, people just have no respect for personal privacy. They be going through your car, your yard, your house – even if your house is being moved. Got a lot of that in today’s police reports.

However, if you’re going to get something stolen, don’t let it be your birth certificate. Easiest way to prevent that from happening is by NOT KEEPING IT IN YOUR CAR. Seriously, who keeps their most sensitive personal documents in their car? I wonder if this person also had their life’s savings in the glovebox.

No Tupelo reports today, but we have some gems from Lee County. Enjoy. Read more

Police Reports 7.16.14: ‘Little Jimmy’ cannot be trusted with your phone

Common sense does not reside in the brain of every human. Or maybe some folks are just too nice. But here’s a tip: Don’t loan your phone to a stranger, especially if that person goes by “Little Jimmy.” Bad idea.

(I’ll let y’all make your own jokes about the name “Little Jimmy,” because this is a family publication.)

That’s my advice for today. Now, let’s take a look at today’s police reports, with highlights including cologne theft, illegal dumping, and a bat to the face. Read more

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