Daily Lead 4.27.15: Political profilin’

If you’re like me, you hate politics and try to avoid reading about it at all costs. But some of you are into that, and I won’t judge. If you’re among the latter group, you’ll want to check out our series on the 1st Congressional District candidates, which begins today with profiles of Boyce Adams and Sam Adcock.

There are 13 candidates in the race for the late Alan Nunnelee‘s seat, and we’ll profile every one of them in the coming days. So belly up to the table and consume every word.

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Daily Lead 4.24.15: Murder at Motel 6

Motel6-new logoTom Bodett never told us how dangerous it can be at Motel 6.

Last night, a woman was stabbed to death at the Tupelo Motel 6, and this morning police captured the suspectBilly Merle Copeland. Details on exactly what happened are scant right now, but what we know is that police got a domestic disturbance call around 8 p.m. and found a woman dead from multiple stab wounds.

You might recall that in December, a man was shot in the leg at the same Motel 6, and police have a suspect in custody. Last time I stayed in a Motel 6 was in Gainesville, Florida, in 2010. In retrospect, probably wasn’t my best move, but at least I got out unscathed.

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Police Reports 4.23.15: Be lovebirds, not jailbirds

Let Blue Man Group help improve your love life.

Let Blue Man Group help improve your love life.

Couples bonding is generally a good thing, and even some minor law-breaking can be tolerated – you know, skinny dipping in the lake, declaring your love with Krylon on an overpass, stealing a police car and joyriding across state lines. That sorta stuff.

Just don’t bother other people while you’re working on your relationship. Don’t make out in public, and also, don’t cyber bully folks or go all Blue Man Group on the side of their domicile (even if you do have great rhythm).

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Police Reports 4.22.15: I’m not even mad

Hey, technology is great. I’m the first to sing its praises. And it really does suck when someone ganks your iPad or $800 smartphone or what have you.

However, I try to find a bright side to high-tech theft in today’s police reports, because I’m trying to be positive (for once). I also drop an Anchorman reference, which will make anyone feel better, no matter the depth of their doldrums or the heinousness of their crime. Read more

Daily Lead 4.22.15: Can’t wait to hit up The Skillet

Thomas Wells | Buy at photos.djournal.com David Leathers is gonna bring some much-needed class to West Jackson Street.

Thomas Wells | Buy at photos.djournal.com
David Leathers is gonna bring some much-needed class to West Jackson Street.

Happy Hump Day, peeps. We have sooooo much copy for you to read in today’s Journal. I’m only gonna link so many stories, but I recommend you carve out several minutes to soak up all the info, because it’s not like you’re gonna get it anywhere else (not in such high quality, anyway).

Take, for instance, our story on The Skillet, which is on course to open on West Jackson Street in the fall. For the first time, chef David Leathers has shared his vision for the restaurant, which is part of an effort to spruce up that whole area. I’ve met David; nice guy, and he’s a real pro, so I’m sure the food will be excellent.

Just hope I can afford to eat there now and then.

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Police Reports 4.21.15: Burnin’ four-wheelers

If you’re gonna threaten someone, I guess it’s good to make it something unique, something they wouldn’t expect. Then they’re more likely to remember, oh yeah, that guy threatened me the other day. Maybe he means it?

That’s one thing we learn in today’s police reports. We also learn that a gun can do the job as well as a hammer, and aliens are stealing cars, probably. Read more

Daily Lead 4.21.15: Just give your ice cream to the terrorists

What a waste. (AP photo)

What a waste. (AP photo)

Step away from the ice cream.

Unless it’s not Blue Bell, then it’s cool. But yeah, Blue Bell has recalled all of its delicious ice cream – all of its products, in fact – after finding listeria in some test samples. That’ll be a big hit to the company’s bottom line, but better that than anyone flatline after enjoying a bowl of yummy goodness. (They’d die with a smile on their face, though.)

If you still have some Blue Bell in your freezer, I guess you should throw it out. Or if you know of any terrorists living in your neighborhood who don’t follow food news, offer it to them and see what happens.

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Daily Lead 4.17.15: IHL finds its man

That mustache, tho.

We were sitting in our morning meeting today, around 9:00, and were discussing what announcement the IHL board might be making. A new commissioner? Well, probably not, we said.

Turns out, that’s exactly what was announced: Glenn Boyce will be the new IHL commish, replacing Jim Borsig, who backed out of the job a few weeks after being selected. I’d never heard of Boyce either, but he is the current deputy commissioner. Guess I should pay more attention to the college boardzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

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Police Reports 4.16.15: Walmart is still the worst

Sometimes you steal from Walmart, and sometimes Walmart steals from you (on accident, I’m sure). Have I mentioned my general hatred of Walmart? Probably has something to do with my brief time as a Walmart employee, and later as a Sam’s employee.

It’s the smell. They all smell the same – the smell of cheapness, of hopelessness, of corporate blandness. The road to perdition is lined with Walmarts.

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