Police Reports 7.31.14: Beware knife-wielding racists with no insurance

Hey, it’s been kind of slow this week on the police front, but that’ll just make this batch taste that much sweeter. Or something.

Nothing exceptional today except for the insurance-shirking, knife-wielding racist. Wouldn’t wanna run into that guy – especially not with my car. Because he doesn’t have insurance. But does have a knife. And also is racist.

Enjoy. Read more

Daily Lead 7.29.14: I can now print out this blog post

GUYS, we got a new printer in the DJournal newsroom. If you only knew of our printer woes these past few years, you’d understand how big a deal this is. Suffice to say, it’s time to go all “Office Space” on the old clunker we’d been using.

For the moment, however, we have some news to review. Let us do that as we ponder the fact that Iron Eyes Cody wasn’t actually a Native American. Read more

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